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Schedule Manicure/Pedicure Day Prior to Airbrush

It is best to schedule any manicure/pedicure at least 24 hours in advance.  If they are going to be using an exfoliator heavy in sea salt you will want to do it 2 days prior to Airbrush


It is important to exfoliate 24-48hrs in advance in order to remove all dead skin, this will enhance and extend your color.

Shave 24hrs in advance

It is best to shave 24 hours prior to Airbrush session.  Doing this the day of can cause discoloration and cause spots when you begin to fade.  If you have shaved the day of your session please let us know when you come in.  You will need a pH towelette to neutralize your skin, the cost is only $2.00 but can be avoided by shaving day prior

Do not shower within 6 hrs of Airbrush Session

If showering with a mild soap the day of your Airbrush session you should give at least 6 hours between your shower and session.  Anything high in PH can alter your color. We will use a PH Balancing spray prior to session but it is still good to leave at least 6 hour buffer.

Remove make-up, moisturizer, perfume and deodorant

It is essential to remove these prior to your session as they can alter your color.  If need be these can be removed at our salon with just plain water is best. 

Wear Dark Loose Clothing and Sandals If Possible

There will initially be a light bronzer on your skin that washes off, this is so the technician can make sure each area has been hit evenly.  It does wash out of majority of clothing but we recommend wearing something dark so there is no worries.  You will not want to wear tight clothing or shoes because you do not want anything rubbing hard against the skin initially as it can effect your color.....baggy sweats/shorts, loose shirt/sweater and sandals are best

Towel Under Your Legs

If you are getting sprayed during the warmer months it is best to bring a towel for you in your car.  You will want to place this under your legs if there is any direct skin touching the seats to avoid any sweating especially if you have leather seats

Wait 12 Hours Before Rinsing With Plain Water

The DHA will begin its process 2 hours after Airbrush Session and will take 16-24 hours to fully set in.  After 12 hours you can rinse with plain soap, rinsing any earlier will effect the color of your session as well as evenness.  When rinsing you will notice the bronzer coming off of your skin....don't worry that is not your color!  Thats the cosmedic bronzer used by the technician to see what they are doing. (Ask about our 1 Hour Solution Rinse)

Wait 16 Hours Before Using Soap and Shampoo

After your Airbrush Session you will want to allow at least 16 hours before using any soap and/or shampoo.  Doing so any earlier will alter your color.  It is best to use a mild soap as anything high in Ph will also effect your color.  We highly recommend you purchase the soap at our salon so there is no worries 

Pat Yourself Dry

After you take a bath or shower you will want to pat yourself dry as oppose to rubbing yourself dry. By doing this you will help extend your color as rubbing can cause certain areas to fade faster.

Apply Extender

After your session you will want to apply extender at least once or up to 2 times daily.  The extender is formulated with the same solution you are sprayed with.  Not only will this extend the life of your session it will also help it fade more gradually.  Knees and elbows that tend to be drier areas will naturally fade faster and can make you look spotty, this will help you fade more evenly through out.

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Best place to tan, super fun and friendly atmosphere never feel down after leaving here. Ron's help and knowledge of the lotions is awesome! Just absolutely love it!

— Terri M.

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