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Prepare Your Skin

Before indoor tanning your skin should be clean and free of dead skin build up.

You want your skin to get the best tan possible so using a mild soap or body wash and a quality exfoliator is essential. Using a body poof, scrub skin on arms and legs and the rest of the body in circular motions.

This action will help remove dead skin which will increase the effectiveness of tanning.

Its also beneficial for you to shave prior to tanning this will also help in promoting a healthy glow.

Be patient

It can take up to 8 to 12 times before noticing a difference. Just because you didn't get pink or red does not mean you didn't get anything. Actually its great if you didn't get pink or red. We don't want to burn you and I'm sure you don't want to get burnt.

In a short version you have to allow time for the skin to produce melanin and then let it surface to the skin. Melanin is the natural tan color our skin naturally produces. So as stated before be patient, relax and enjoy your few moments of peace and allow that beautiful color to gradually take its place.

Use both the beds and stand-ups

It is very beneficial for you to use both types of equipment. If you use the bed for the majority of your sessions you may notice whiteness on your sides from your arms being to close to your sides and/or white spots on your lower back and shoulder blades from pressure points on the acrylics.

When you notice this just simply go into the stand-up for a handful of times to help expose those areas and maximize your tan all the way around. Now if you use the stand-ups for the majority of your sessions you may notice your legs achieving less color.

This is due to blood circulation. When you are standing all the pressure is on your legs so your blood flow is not as good and could cause less color anywhere from thigh down but more noticeably knee down.

If you do notice this simply go in the bed a few times, it will alleviate the pressure on your legs and you will maximize your color that way as well.  There are also lotions formulated specifically for legs that can help in this process too.

Always use an indoor tanning lotion

It is very important that you do not use an outdoor lotion as they cause damage to the acrylics.

There are so many benefits with using a salon lotion such as replenishing your skin, accelerating the process, great color, skin firming complex and opening your pores prior to tanning. Like anything in the world tanning is a process.

It can take 8 to 12 times before noticing a significant difference, the lotions will do their part to help speed this process up for you. Also if you're not using a lotion you're only allowing the light to hit the first layer of your skin.

So therefore, if you get dry skin or shave any area of your body you're taking away from your tan.

Where as with the lotion you will open your pores and allow all the layers of your skin to attract the light to give you that nice, deep golden tan!

Don't Shower Right After Tanning

It takes your body 24-48 hours to fully take in the light it has received from each session.

If you would like to maximize every session its very beneficial for you to leave your products on for at least 3-4 hours after tanning.

Now its not saying you won't achieve any color if you do shower right afterwards, however you will achieve results far quicker if you can wait several hours before showering.

Moisturize your skin

It is a proven fact that tanning dries your skin out that's why it is very beneficial for you to moisturize before and after you tan.

When you purchase a lotion it will contain the necessary products for your skin prior to tanning but it's also very beneficial to buy a moisturizer for after tanning.

Be careful with the moisturizer you're using because anything with a mineral oil base is going to clog your pores and not allow as much light and air through to your skin.

This is why its best for you to buy from your salon to make sure you're receiving the proper product.

Using the right skincare products can increase your tanning results by up to 40%. Remember the more moisturized your skin is the easier it is to tan and the longer you hold your color.

Wear Protective Eyewear

This is very important it is proven that the light can have damage on your eyes if proper eyewear is not worn.

We carry a variety of eyewear that is very inexpensive. Remember you only get one set of eyes, take care of them!

Lip Balm

Your lips produce very little melanin and are prone to UV-overexposure, so you should always protect them with a sunscreen.

There are many products used on a regular basis such as makeup and perfume that contain ingredients that can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn (photosensitive).

Common prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can also cause photo-sensitizing reactions. Our salon contains a list of such medications for your review.

Water, water and more water!

Don't forget that tanning mainly due to sweating does dehydrate the body.

Please remember that it is recommended and highly beneficial not only for your body but to maximize the results of your products to drink water both before and after tanning!

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